12 Channel Android ECG Machine

CARDIOMIN mECG (12 Channel Android ECG Machine)

Keeping the requirement of various medical associations in mind, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of 12 Lead Ecg Machines. These machines are very effective in accurate monitoring and a specialist can produce reports of as many as patients at a time as per the need simultaneously anytime and anywhere. With these 12 Lead Ecg Machines patients can be discharged more earlier, as the monitoring process become more effective and easier with our product. Manufactured in accordance with international quality parameter, we offer our products at most competitive prices.


  • Reliable
  • Accurate reading
  • Long service life
  • Compact design

In Many patient monitoring cases the lack of resources is a serious problem. By using mECG it is possible for one specialist to monitor even hundreds of patients simultaneously anytime and anywhere. This enables early discharge of patients while making patient monitoring still easy and effective.  




The ECG data is being transmitted from the ECG Module to mobile phone via Bluetooth, phone forwards the data over mobile network vial WHATSAPP, GMAIL or any other mailing / messaging service. The data can be handled in two ways: with a utility for analyzing purposes or with a real time monitoring view on a computer.

The ECG File is mailed in our proprietary format can be imported in our mECG Software then a specialist can investigate and analyze thoroughly the stored ECG data. The analysis report can be sent to patient’s email immediately after its done. The monitoring view enables the monitoring of several patients simultaneously. Patient’s heart rate can be seen from the view, and self-interpretation will indicate the problems detected on patients and help to decide actions.  



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